Arctic Eis Homepage

“Eis” – the German word for “ice” – represents more than just the melting cube in a glass of water or the amazingly delicious solidified cream on top of a sugar cone. In an environmental sense, as one of the three physical phases of water here on earth, it is an ever present aspect of Arctic and Antarctic life. In the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of Arctic Alaska, its seasonal presence (or absence) influences everything: weather systems, food webs, migration patterns, human cultures, resource development, and many, many more aspects of northern life. In order to understand its past, present and future role, a select few get to serve on the front lines researching this amazing place in order to inform the rest of us of its important form and function. The Arctic Eis Project represents the fruits of such labors.

Please join us on our adventure! Through this website, we have and will continue to provide you with Arctic Eis information and progress toward our better understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological processes taking place in the Northern Bering and Chukchi Seas.

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