ESSAS Open Science Meeting, Tromsø, June 11-15, 2017

The Ecosystem Studies of the Subarctic and Arctic Seas (ESSAS) program will hold it’s third Open Science Meeting in Tromsø, June 11-15, 2017.

Registration and abstract submission is open and the abstract submission deadline has been extended to January 30, 2017! Please note that financial support is available for Early Career Scientists (Under 35, late-stage Ph.D. students or within 5 years of completing a Ph.D.).

Details are available here.

There will be 9 sessions and 4 workshops that should be of interest to anyone working in Arctic or Subarctic marine ecosystems:

Theme sessions:
Advection and mixing and their ecosystem impacts.
Timing/phenology and match-mismatch: are they critical issues?
Future Sub-Arctic and Arctic Marine Ecosystems under Climate Change
Shifting habitats, persistent hot spots, and the distribution of benthos, plankton, fish, seabirds and marine mammals – observations, models, mechanisms and effects
Ocean Acidification
Multiple Stressors
Science, Policy and Management
General Open Session

Paleoecology of Subarctic and Arctic Seas Planning Workshop
Climate change impacts on nearshore fish habitats in the Arctic
Using natural analogues to investigate the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on northern ecosystems
Arctic and sub-Arctic climate change impacts: an transdisciplinary perspective

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