Graduate Students

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Students

Lauren Divine (Marine Biology): Lauren is investigating snow crab abundance, fecundity, trophic position, and their ecological role within the benthic communities in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. She is working with Drs. Bluhm and Iken in Fairbanks. She received her MS in Biology from Georgia Southern in 2011. Degree conferred August 2016!

Jennifer Marsh (Fisheries): Jen is studying Chukchi Sea trophic ecology and food web structure through stable isotope analyses (isoscapes) with her major adviser, Dr. Franz Mueter, in Juneau. She received her MS degree from UAF-Fisheries in 2012.

Master of Science (MS) Students

Ben Gray (Fisheries): Ben is studying Arctic fish trophic ecology through diet and stomach contents analysis of Arctic cod, Arctic staghorn sculpin, and Shorthorn sculpin from the 2012 bottom trawl survey. He works out of Fairbanks with his major adviser is Dr. Brenda Norcross. Degree conferred May 2015!

Melissa Wechter-Prechtl (Fisheries): Melissa is studying juvenile Chum and Pink salmon ecology and environmentally induced stress levels through looking at insulin-like growth factor (IGF) hormones found in fish blood samples. She is advised by Dr. Megan McPhee in Juneau. She received her BS degree from Oregon State University. Degree conferred May 2015!

Catherine Pham (Marine Science, HPU): Catherine is studying the spatiotemporal dynamics of seabirds relative to their prey and oceanography in the northern Bering and Chukchi seas. She is working with Dr. David Hyrenbach at Hawaii Pacific University and our Kathy Kuletz. She received her BS in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia. Degree conferred December 2016!

Noel Sme (Fisheries): Noel is studying the genetic diversity and stock delineations of saffron cod in the circum-polar Arctic. She is working with Dr. Tony Gharrett in Juneau and participated on leg 2 of the surface trawl cruise in 2013. She is native New Yorker.

Stacy Vega (Fisheries): Stacy is studying early stage (ocean entry) marine growth and aging in juvenile Chum salmon with her major adviser Dr. Trent Sutton. She has participated and collected samples on both the 2012 and 2013 surface trawl cruises. She originally hails from California. Degree conferred August 2015!

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