Arctic Eis scientists reached out in person and through radio and news media in three major coastal communities (Table 1). In-person presentations were made in Bethel, Nome, Kotzebue and Anchorage. Interviews by radio or newspaper reporters occurred in Nome, Kotzebue and Barrow. Flyers and letters were sent to the three major communities as well as smaller coastal communities.

Table 1: Arctic Eis presentations, radio and newspaper interviews. (Major scientific conferences and UAF-SFOS Fisheries Seminars are not included.)

Activity Group Location Presenter Date
Presentation Association of Village Council Presidents Bethel Jim Murphy March 5, 2012
Presentation Barrow Whaling Captains Association Barrow Lyle Britt March 29, 2012
Presentation AYK Sustainable Anchorage Ed Farley May 2-3, 2012
Presentation Northwest Arctic Borough Assembly Kotzebue Alex Andrews May 22, 2012
Presentation Arctic Eis and Public Nome Franz Mueter May 29, 2012
Radio Interviews Stations KNOM (Nome) and KOTZ (Kotzebue) Nome, Kotzebue, Barrow Franz Mueter and Lyle Britt Summer 2012
Info Letter General Project Information Regional Groups and Native Organizations Franz Mueter as Lead Summer 2012
Presentation NWAB Planning Commission Kotzebue Franz Mueter June 6, 2012
News Article Nome Nugget, Page 7 Nome Franz Mueter June 21, 2012
Radio Interview KUCB Unalaska Southwest Alaska Lyle Britt August 13, 2012
News Article Anchorage Daily News Anchorage Franz Mueter August 14, 2012
Radio Interview KUCB Unalaska Southwest Alaska Franz Mueter January 24, 2013
Presentation Public Fish and Game Advisory Committee Meeting Savoonga, St. Lawrence Island Alex Andrews February 11, 2013
Presentation Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference Nome Jared Weems March 20-22, 2013
Info Letter General Project Information Regional Groups and Native Organizations Franz Mueter as Lead May 29, 2013
News Article Nome Nugget, Page 3 Nome Franz Mueter and Jared Weems July 18, 2013
Student Outreach Anvil City Science Academy, Grades 5-8 Nome Jared Weems and Melissa Prechtl September 11, 2013
Community Presentation Strait Talk Science Series Nome Franz Mueter September 11, 2013
News Article Nome Nugget, Page 5 Nome Alex Andrews and Jared Weems October 3, 2013
Student Outreach Unalaska City School District, Grade 6 Unalaska Jared Weems October 1, 2013
Radio Interview KUCB Unalaska Southwest Alaska Jared Weems October 1, 2013
Presentation Alaska Forum on the Environment Anchorage Jared Weems February 4-7, 2014
Presentation Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference Kotzebue Jared Weems April 24-25, 2014
Presentation Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference Bethel Jared Weems April 15-17, 2015
Radio Story APRN Washington D.C. Ed Farley May 5, 2015
with more to come!
Regional Contacts

Arctic Eis scientists contacted key people in the coastal communities to describe and discuss the project. These people were chosen for contacts based on the breadth of their links to communities and recommendations of others. Their organizations included:

    Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association
    Environmental Specialists from Native Village of Kotzebue
    Department of Wildlife Management, North Slope Borough
    ADFG Subsistence
    Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission
    UAF Marine Advisory Program
    Natural Resources Division of Kawerak, Bering Strait Region
    Northwest Arctic Borough / Planning Department
At-Sea Updates

Daily updates on vessel location and catch were sent to coastal communities, tribal leaders, fellow scientists, and the general public on a request basis. A total of 45 daily updates were sent out August 13 – September 26, 2012; while a total of 51 were sent August 4 – September 24, 2013. The contact list totaled over 160 people or organizations. Please visit our 2012 Daily Field Logs and 2013 Daily Field Logs to check out what we were doing and where we were sampling!

Live Fish Specimens – TSMRI Aquaria

With support and permits provided by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game, we were able to retain and transport a few live fish specimens from the 2013 survey back to Juneau’s Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute (NOAA) for eventual permanent display in the educational display aquariums viewed by all TSMRI visitors. With the public’s attention now focusing more on the Arctic, we were obliged to make an effort to bring some of these Arctic species into the center to inform the public on what kinds of fish are in our Northern waters.

Using the F/V Bristol Explorers seawater system, we collected and housed the fish on leg 3 in the Northern Bering Sea. We chose the fish from the best live specimens retrieved from the surface trawl net and kept them alive in flow-through coolers outfitted for this purpose. Our list of species collected includes flatfishes: starry flounder, Alaska plaice, and northern rock sole; while pelagic and demersal fishes include: whitespotted greenling, great sculpin, sturgeon poacher, and Bering wolffish. We fed them throughout the cruise with available zooplankton and dead fish to keep them healthy and eating.

Upon conclusion of the cruise, UniSea Seafoods Inc. and Fleet Support Supervisor Guy Collins collaborated with us in arranging temporary dock space and seawater flow-through access to maintain our fish specimens while in Unalaska / Dutch Harbor.This accommodation is not unusual for UniSea Inc., as their support for fisheries research and public outreach has been established in working with Federal, State, and University biologists in the past. This also allowed us to take the fish into the Unalaska City School District to use with local 6th graders as marine education tools. See the K-12 Schools Outreach page for a description.

Finally, fish were individually packaged in seawater with stress reducing chemical drops and shipped to Juneau from Dutch Harbor. They are now being housed in the TSMRI wet laboratory and awaiting a new display aquarium in the building visitor’s foyer. Stay tuned for more photo’s once on permanent display.

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