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Using unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor otter feeding

by Brenda Konar SFOS Faculty Brenda Konar worked with USGS researchers and UAF’s ACUASI team (The Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration) to explore the possibilities of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to determine what sea otters are feeding … Continue reading

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Recent Walrus Events

Two articles related to walrus haulouts and the potential “walrus poaching event” that Lara Horstmann-Dehn was interviewed for in September/October: Poachers May Have Killed These 25 Walruses For Their Heads and Tusks – By Esha Dey They are the walrus(es) … Continue reading

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Wind powered radars make remote data collection possible

by: Lauren Frisch University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers have developed the first wind- and solar-powered radar battery. The remote power module delivers energy to operate high frequency radar systems that collect data in regions where research was previously impossible. High … Continue reading

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New AMBON project on its first field season in the Chukchi Sea

by Katrin Iken and Seth Danielson The AMBON (Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network) is on its way in the Chukchi Sea. This new project just launched its first field season, with a multi-disciplinary approach to observing the Chukchi Sea ecosystem. … Continue reading

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SFOS Scientists participate in U.S. Expedition tracing the state of the Arctic Ocean

by Ana Aguilar-Islas August 17, 2015 On August 9th, the USCGC Healy departed Dutch Harbor, Alaska on a 65-day scientific expedition headed towards the North Pole. Three UAF scientists (Aguilar-Islas, SFOS faculty, Rember, IARC faculty, and Dilliplaine, SFOS student) are onboard to … Continue reading

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First High Frequency Radars installed in Antarctica

Oceanographers Peter Winsor and Hank Statscewich of the University of Alaska Fairbanks recently embarked on an adaptive sampling adventure with Adelie penguins in Antarctica. The researchers are part of a team deploying a coordinated ocean observing network to better understand ecological connections along the Western Antarctic Peninsula. In November, they installed the first High Frequency Radar units in Antarctica. Continue reading

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Monitoring reveals warmer Gulf of Alaska waters

Warmer than normal waters in the Gulf of Alaska surprised scientists who have studied the waters over the shelf south of Seward for the past 17 years. During a September cruise, Professor Russell Hopcroft and his team found the upper 300 feet to be 1 to 5 degrees warmer than the September averages of 55-57°F. They also found warm-water species of plankton, a vital food for fish and other marine life, farther north than usual. Continue reading

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Katrin Iken to lead Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network creation

The University of Alaska Fairbanks will join a $6 million, multi-institutional research effort to expand understanding of the Arctic Ocean’s marine ecosystem. Katrin Iken, professor of marine biology with UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, was selected to lead the creation of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network. Continue reading

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Researchers track glacial meltwater with drifters

Researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Greenland Climate Research Centre have deployed several satellite-tracked surface drifters over the last three years to gather measurements from the top 15 meters of the Godthabsfjord in western Greenland. The scientists are studying how glacial meltwater interacts with the ocean. Continue reading

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Jennifer Reynolds new director of Institute of Marine Science

Associate Professor Jennifer Reynolds has been named as the next director of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Institute of Marine Science, effective July 1. Continue reading

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