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Graduate Program in Marine Science and Limnology

Point Lay Walrus

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Using unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor otter feeding

by Brenda Konar SFOS Faculty Brenda Konar worked with USGS researchers and UAF’s ACUASI team (The Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration) to explore the possibilities of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to determine what sea otters are feeding … Continue reading

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Old walrus bones dug up in Alaska’s Arctic could shed new light on Point Lay haulouts

by Kamala Kelkar At a lab in Barrow, University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers are sawing into old Pacific walrus bones unearthed at a site on the Arctic coast. They’re hoping to find DNA, stress hormones and isotopes of carbon and nitrogen, … Continue reading

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Recent Walrus Events

Two articles related to walrus haulouts and the potential “walrus poaching event” that Lara Horstmann-Dehn was interviewed for in September/October: Poachers May Have Killed These 25 Walruses For Their Heads and Tusks – By Esha Dey They are the walrus(es) … Continue reading

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Research gives insight into historic walrus population dynamics

Lauren Frisch 907-474-5022 Originally posted 10/13/15 in the Cornerstone. Hormones stored in ancient bones are revealing how Pacific walrus populations react to environmental change. Alaska’s oceans have already experienced changes in temperature, sea ice range and acidity driven by increasing … Continue reading

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SFOS Scientists participate in U.S. Expedition tracing the state of the Arctic Ocean

by Ana Aguilar-Islas August 17, 2015 On August 9th, the USCGC Healy departed Dutch Harbor, Alaska on a 65-day scientific expedition headed towards the North Pole. Three UAF scientists (Aguilar-Islas, SFOS faculty, Rember, IARC faculty, and Dilliplaine, SFOS student) are onboard to … Continue reading

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Marine Touch Tank Featured at Upcoming Science Potpourri

The Scientific Diving class collected marine invertebrates from Kasitsna Bay last month that will populate a touch tank at the annual Science Potpourri on Saturday afternoon in the Reichardt Building. Continue reading

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Diving class in Kasitsna Bay: this week at SFOS 3/15/13

SFOS students go way beyond just “hands on” learning over spring break in a scientific diving class at Kasitsna Bay. Continue reading

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SFOS scientists test under ice research tools in Beaufort Sea

A research team from the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences spent four days camped on the ice near Barrow testing several ways of collecting data about the fishes and habitat below them. Continue reading

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