A volunteer collects seawater from the deep on the Seward Line

The original series can be found on the Alaska Sea Grant blog.

Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory faculty member Terry Johnson spent a week aboard the research vessel Tiglax in the Gulf of Alaska as part of the Seward Line program. This four part blog series documents his work and adventures while out at sea.

Part 1: On the open ocean in the Gulf of Alaska, a scientist’s assistant bottles up water samples while sleep-deprived.

Part 2: On a September run, the Tiglax zigzags from station to station and back again in the Gulf of Alaska. Researchers sample water with standard tools and test a new industrial-size collecting apparatus.

Part 3: After the team works their way through the stations, lowering and raising the CTD overboard, they take a break to walk on an iceberg calved from a glacier in Prince William Sound.

Part 4: The last day of a research vessel cruise may involve the hardest work, but everyone on board has the same goal—dismantle the gear, pack it up, offload by the ton, stow equipment and get it ready for shipment, and then celebrate the accomplishments.

The multinet, ready for deployment. Photo by Terry Johnson.

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