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Student Spotlight: Amanda Blackburn

by Barb Hameister When Amanda Blackburn’s sixth-grade class went on a whale-watching cruise, she was enthralled. It was her first time out on the ocean and she loved being surrounded by the water and the abundant marine life. “For as … Continue reading

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Chukchi Sea plankton communities thrive in warmer water

By Lauren Frisch Zooplankton, the tiny animals at the bottom of the food chain, are thriving in the Chukchi Sea, according to research by University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists. This is likely due to warming ocean temperatures and longer ice-free … Continue reading

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Zombie-generating parasites pose intriguing mysteries to researchers

By Lauren Frisch Nobody knows how the parasitic barnacles create zombie crabs. King crabs, already otherworldly-looking creatures, grow even stranger when barnacles invade them. The insides of infected crabs become filled with green, branching tendrils that resemble plant roots more than … Continue reading

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